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The rules of the Monopoly Live game place a cap on the maximum payout.

In our Monopoly Live statistics article, we calculated the probabilities of each wheel segment, assuming the wheel is fair and not rigged. We then took the segment statistics from the stats-tracking website over a long period of time and compared them with our calculations. So there can be no doubt about the fairness of this monopoly live casino gambling game. The rules of the Monopoly Live game place a cap on the maximum payout. This limit is necessary because, in theory, due to doubles, bonus rounds can continue indefinitely and lead to the complete bankruptcy of an online casino. Originally, gambling software provider Evolution had the Dream Catcher game show.

You must ensure you comply with all legal requirements for gambling online. I will also explain the rules of Monopoly Live and the usual probabilities for the bonus rounds. ⦁ Take note of the live chat, just in case other players are kind enough to share some tips.

Monopoly Big Baller Live

Monopoly Live is an exhilarating live online game show that combines the thrill of a money wheel game with the iconic elements of the Monopoly board game. Start tracking Monopoly Live stats with Tracksino and embark on your journey to big wins and unforgettable gaming moments. To activate the bonus game and be eligible for prizes, players must place a bet on the ‘2 rolls’ or ‘4 rolls’ segments.

  • When you’re on a losing streak, you can start to act impulsively and abandon your strategy.
  • 2 Rolls/4 Rolls- Monopoly Live features a bonus game that can be activated by placing a bet on the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls space betting space.
  • Check out our Monopoly Live Emulator to select your bet strategy and bet values and automates the wins and losses for previous game results.
  • If you need help setting limits check out our extensive range of Safer Gambling Tools that can be applied in seconds.

Gameplay can be broken up into two parts, the main game and the bonus game. We timed it for you and if no bonus game is triggered, that one game of MONOPOLY Big Baller takes about 1 minute and 22 seconds. Monopoly Big Baller Live will most certainly appeal to the fans of both original games. Still, it also has the potential to attract those who have never played Evolution titles before.

Monopoly Live Gambling Strategy

While strategies can guide, always remember Monopoly Live remains primarily a game of luck. In our article about the round history of the Monopoly Live game, we explained where to view the round history. In the game’s interface, you can find the record for a few dozen rounds, but a few dozen is not enough for accurate statistics. The “CHANCE” card has a strong influence on the game statistics. If there was a blank space instead of “CHANCE”, the RTP of all other segments would be much lower.

monopoly live stats

If you are unsure what this means or think you have a problem controlling your gambling, please refer to  or  for further information and guidance. Or, in other words, even if we knew 2 ROLLS were due, we couldn’t possibly know if it’s due on this spin or will the ‘even out’ happen 100 spins from now. Eventually, it does because it would be mathematically impossible not to regress to actual probabilities, but this is observed over an infinite number of spins.

Monopoly Live Bonus Features

⦁ Always place bets on the ‘2 rolls’ and ‘4 rolls’ segments of the wheel as this ensures you won’t miss out on bonus rounds. The Monopoly Live show is broadcast 24/7 from the same Evolution studio. Therefore, all players in every online casino are watching the same thing. This allows special sites to track the history of all rounds of this game. Thanks to this data, anyone with a minimal knowledge of mathematics can verify the honesty of the game. Monopoly Live was made by Evolution Gaming – the biggest and the most popular live dealer games provider. Evolution games are available in more than 100 online casinos.

Monopoly Live Bonus game

Here are 5 tips and tricks you can use when playing Monopoly Live to improve your chances of winning. You should remember, though, that https://www.responsiblegambling.org/ no wins are guaranteed, whichever strategy or set of tips you follow. There is no demo, just like for any other live dealer game.


To know when the bonus round is ‘due’, we first have to know how often it is expected to hit in the first place. When you’re on a losing streak, you can start to act impulsively and abandon your strategy. Take a break between each round so that your emotions don’t start to get to you.

Let’s compare this with the stats of Monopoly Live for the month. We can see a more significant deviation from the expected value. Therefore, do not be surprised if you see in the spin history that some segment wins much more or much less often than statistically expected. For example, in the round history below, rolls segments appear much more often than expected. According to statistics, the “4 ROLLS” sector wins on average once every 54 rounds. To avoid what you consider to be an unjustified risk, you do not place any chips on this segment. The host spins the wheel and … the “4 ROLLS” sector wins again.

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